Focused Partners.  Deep Domain Expertise.  

Washington Equity Partners is a sector-focused private equity investment firm that makes control equity investments in established lower middle market businesses with strong prospects for rapid organic and acquisition-driven growth.  Formed by experienced middle market private equity investors that have worked together at leading middle market firms for over a decade, the firm's Partners have a long track record of investing in and building companies into industry leaders. 

Washington Equity is focused on investing in: 

  • Aerospace, Defense, and Government Contracting
  • Industrial and Advanced Manufacturing
  • Software and Technology

Our principals have executed over 50 transactions in these core verticals and we believe our particularly deep domain expertise in Aerospace, Defense, and Government Contracting differentiates us in the lower middle market.  Our domain expertise enables us to execute transactions efficiently and we are decisive, responsive, and thoughtful. 



Long Term.  Shared Success.  Integrity.  

We measure our achievements in terms of long-term growth and partner with like-minded management teams who have the vision and commitment to build industry-leading companies. Our philosophy is that true value creation comes through revenue growth, operational excellence and the execution of thoughtful strategic plans - not simply through cost reductions or financial engineering.  

We are flexible and patient investors who steadily add value to our portfolio companies by providing strategic guidance and resources to help with growth acceleration, performance improvement, and human capital.  As growth investors, we are attracted to opportunities to help companies reach their full potential.  We look for companies within our core industry verticals that are seeking new avenues of growth, operational scale, and a partner who can provide capital and domain expertise.

Active and collaborative partnerships with management teams are our core to our approach. As a firm and individually, we combine a hands-on approach with a constructive and pragmatic mindset. Our partnership begins before the closing of an acquisition, when during diligence we will work with management to develop a plan to build the business, set the appropriate capital structure, and identify the resources required for success.       

We are committed to shared success, collaboration, and transparency, and our strong relationship orientation with all of our stakeholders will always be fundamental to our success. We take pride in being straightforward, value-added partners, and we strive to build lasting and productive relationships with all of our portfolio companies, investors, advisers and lenders.  


our capital

Flexible and Patient Capital. Maximum Alignment.

Washington Equity is organized as a private equity firm with the flexibility to source different capital providers for each portfolio company.  For some acquisitions, such as our first portfolio company Femme Comp, Inc. (FCI), we will fund the equity capital entirely from the personal capital of the Partners at Washington Equity.  For other acquisitions, we will combine our own capital with the capital of Limited Partner (LP) investors.  Our LP capital is sourced from a select group of like-minded family offices, institutional investors and high net worth individuals. 

We believe that our structure makes us an ideal fit for management-owned or family-owned businesses that are seeking long-term capital partners with the flexibility to provide permanent capital.  Maximum alignment is important to us and we are sensitive to the goals of all stakeholders when we set up our capital structures.